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Crafting In The Dark


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These are 100% solid pine wood, weigh approx 750g, so will endure a little heavy duty wax chopping!
They can be personalised with absolutely any design of your choice or even left plain, the choice is yours. You can complete this with an amazing little wax cutting knife with is double ended. A small blade to chop wax and a blunter end to help free the wax from your melter (stops scratching and chipping) when ready for changing your wax. Keep the knife out of reach of children and/or pets.

All edges and surfaces are smooth to the touch so are suitable in any room of the house, natural in colour so will compliment any room in the home. The top is sealed with a waterproof coat so can be wiped with a damp cloth or wipe, but not to be submerged into water as the sides and bottom isn’t sealed (this is to allow the wood to breathe and therefore won’t cause yellowing) the seal is also heatproof so you can also place wax melters and candles on the board too.

They don’t have to be for wax cutting if you wish it can be just a memorial board of your choosing or for any other other purpose or occasion such as weddings, birthdays to make any memory special.