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Large 1kg Custom Wax Shape

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We’re proud to introduce our custom wax range.
these are great when you find a scent you love and can’t get enough of. The wax shape you choose will weigh a huge 1kg and will last you a long time!


if you like a mixology then you can also create your own blend by choosing 2 or 3 scents from the scent list amd we will creat the mix for you all CLP compliant.

All you need to do is choose your shape from the following

Sparkle The Unicorn

Tommie The Train

Merlinah The Mermaid Tail

Flora The Butterfly

Large Cupcake

Large Flower

And then choose your scent, please view our scent list on the link and choose which you would like, or you can choose 2 and have your own blend created.


Please leave your choice selection in the notes on your order.